My top tips for retouching Model shoots

Let's rumble!

One of my main tasks as a retoucher is getting rid of little blemishes on models in fashion or art shots. Now, I know this is a controversial topic, as a lot of people (rightfully) say that our little flaws are what make us unique and beautiful. However, we operate in a space, where we strive for perfection and want to pretend scars, spots and wrinkles don’t exist, event if they are only human. When we look at an arty image we want to see perfection and that’s where I come in.

In my first blog I want to give you my top tips for retouching Model shoots. I have learned these through many mistakes over the years and hope that with these top tips I can spare you some of them:


Top tips

Don’t over do the frequency separation or other skin smoothing techniques: Models are not Barbies, they are human and we want to see some definition on their faces. For light work, you can use the spot healing tool. Zoom in closely and use that took instead of giving the person a plastic appearance. Afterwards you can highlight the area and apply a light Gaussian blur.

Don’t overdo the liquefy command: Even if in our society thin = beauty, we should always aim to stick to realistic proportions. This tool will allow you to amend the body shape of a model but it is to be used with caution. We have all seen the “photoshop fails” circulating the internet where people used this tool and not only gave their body a new contour but their background as well. Pay close attention to what is behind your subject to not distort the shape.

Crop right: Using the correct crop can make all the difference in an image. The rule of thirds applies: You will have to mentally divide your image with two horizontal and two vertical lines, in essence creating nine squares and have the important parts of the image on where those lines connect.

To see how much work actually goes into one single image, you can have a look at my YouTube page, where I have uploaded some of my Speedphotoshopping URL.