“Change is the only constant in life”
— Heraclitus

I love Photoshop. I wish I had started using it years ago but I only started using it extensively 3 years ago. The possibilities with it are endless and the end products can be breathtaking. I have learnt so much and am always trying to teach myself new techniques. Armed with my trusty graphics tablet, I use Photoshop every day, and still have a passion for it, drawing inspiration from films, anime, video games and old sci fi novels. 

The images below are a selection of some of the works I have created. Whilst most photographers will produce sets of images from a shoot, I generally create one image, but will put countless hours into it. My next goal is to teach myself digital painting, so watch this space.

The butterfly effect

A selection of images I have edited from my first photoshoot since moving to Hanover, and upgrading my camera.


Indulging in my love of science fiction and technology, I planned, shot and edited this series of images. Inspired by William Gibson’s Neuromancer, the art of Katsuhiro Otomo, Masamune Shirow and Yukito Kishiro, I spent a few months sourcing supplies and items. The headset was a non branded VR piece, bought online. There is a huge variety out there, but this one was perfect because of the parts covering the ears. As well as the VR headset, there are old Soviet and UK vacuum tubes, the insides of a 1970s cassette recorder, and an old earring. The building process behind this can be seen on my Instagram page. 

Finding the right model was rather easy, Freyja Phoria, with her other worldly presence was perfect. With her looks and style, one can easily imagine her hustling on the neon streets of Night City. All the shots were taken in a studio in front of a green screen. 

This series really pushed my Photoshop skills, as I started using a graphics tablet just after taking the photos. I think I’ve managed to capture the cyberpunk aesthetic from William Gibson’s Sprawl trilogy quite well.

To see more work from the outstanding Freyja Phoria, visit:



Demon series